Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Goals of Care #2

What I want you to do is gather all
the blown glass trinkets I've made
put em in the fire and make one big
hunk of all of it, bring it here,
bring it here and, well then
stand up on that chair,
and wait for one of those moments
I stop breathing, a long pause,
a really long pause and right,
right before I start going again,
breathing again, lift it up,
that big glass hunk of all of it,
lift it up and friggin, friggin
throw it against the wall!
Pow!  Smash!  All of it!
Then what I want you to do
is pick up a piece of it,
and it's gotta be red, pick up
a red piece of smashed glass,
and just put it in my hand.

Yeah.  Yes.  Put it in my hand.

Always did like red.
Didn't learn to blow glass
till I was already old.
And first thing I did with it
is what I always did with it:
worked in red.  Sorry you gotta
clean all that up, but that's,
that's what I want.  If you're gonna
ask me, that's what I want.
always did
like red.

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